In Air Marketing Inc. is a proximity mobile marketing company that enables advertisers to engage prospective customers within contextually relevant environments without the use of an app.


Health Hub


An in-medical waiting room mobile marketing network that connects heath focused brands to patients while health & wellness is top of mind.
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Digital Booth

An in-trade show mobile marketing network that connects exhibitors to attendees.
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Connect with us if you’re interested in leveraging our technology within your audience focused environment!
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How it works

We use intelligent beacon technology that connects to smartphone users via Bluetooth & Wi-Fi without the use of a mobile app.

Why Partner with In Air

The right message

Our real-time analytics indicate whether your offering is of interest to the consumers you’re reaching. Since we’re able to provide an accept/decline prompt, messages can be altered based on the interactive acceptance rate.

The right person

Our contextually relevant environments allow you to speak directly with consumers who are aligned with your brand.

The right time

Our networks reach affluent consumers outside of their homes while they are on the go and have the ability to purchase.

The right amount of money

Our cost per engagement (CPE) model only charges you for what is successful!

To generate the right response

Our post-campaign reports provide a 360 degree view on how the message, market & revenue generated formed the results.

  1. Generate Revenue
  2. Send pertinent messaging to potential customers, discounts, specials & coupons
  3. Connect with customers through Wi-Fi polling

See what they think of you! | Find out how you can better serve them! | Run contests to create loyalty!

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